Compression Garments

The use of compression garments is one of the most important factors in treatment and maintenance of lymphoedema. They are prescribed to maintain limb reduction after compression bandaging or may be used to decrease oedema, prevent progression of oedema or support the affected limb during work, travel or exercise.

Use of a compression garment is used to support and assist the lymphatic system. Light compression is used to bring relief for those with lipoedema. Sometimes compression is not needed or recommended.

To buy a medical grade compression garment is not the same as buying socks from a shop. The lymphoedema therapist has extensive training in prescribing the correct garment to suit your needs.

Things to consider include:

  • do you need an off-the shelf or made-to-measure garment
  • what type of material do you need; flat knit or round knit
  • what class or grade of compression do you need (light or strong)

The cost of a compression garment might be covered by your health insurance. In this case you will need a letter from your GP or specialist so that you can claim. Those with a low to medium income may be eligible for government funding.

As a lymphoedema therapist it is my role to ensure that you are fitted with the correct garment that you are happy to wear as it will provide you with comfort and support. The decision to wear a compression garment always starts with a conversation about your needs and long term goals.

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