Initial Assessment

Lymphoedema is a chronic condition and an initial assessment is needed to discuss your short and long term management aims.
The assessment will include:

  • Taking a comprehensive medical history. There are some medical conditions that can cause limb oedema so you may need to return to your GP or medical specialist if there are any concerns
  • Skin and movement assessment
    • limb range of movement (if appropriate)
    • assessing for pitting and non-pitting oedema
    • foot and toe assessment (if appropriate)
    • checking for skin dryness and indications of chronic oedema
    • scar assessment (if appropriate)
  •  Limb measurements
  • Commencement of lymphoedema education where you will become the expert about your body
    • Skin care
    • Exercises
    • Discuss manual lymphatic drainage
    • Discuss the need for compression therapy

Demonstration of manual lymphatic drainage with discussion about self drainage techniques.

You will be provided with your own measurements and a copy of your exercise plan.

Not everyone will need or want manual lymphatic drainage or compression therapy. You are in charge of your own health needs and I am here to provide accurate and honest information, effective and evidence-based management and encouragement to help you improve your quality of life.

Book in for your initial assessment: 9873 3351